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“Natural” Makeup

Hi guys! It’s been a hell of a long time since I published a post so I figured I’d better get typing! It’s been crazy over here in Leather and Glitter world, with my wedding fast approaching and now a house move on the horizon as well, it’s been non stop. I’ve finally got a spare few minutes to get some words on a screen, so I thought I’d share with you a few tips and tricks for a natural, glowing look that requires minimal effort. Sound good? Great, let’s do this!

Another reason for the radio silence might also have something to do with the fact that I’ve been studying hard, and have now passed a diploma in makeup artistry. Woop! I have no idea what – if anything – I’ll do with it, aside from be able to say “I’m now a qualified Makeup Artist” and to frame my certificate on the mantlepiece… But I did learn a few techniques I wanted to share with you all about the “Natural” Look.

I was always on the fence about this look for so long because I love wearing makeup – and lots of it (check out my instagram if you don’t believe me). But I have had to come to terms with the fact that a day at the office does not call for a full face of megawatt glamour and glitter. *Sobs dramatically*

Enter the natural look. Using only six (yes, you read that right, SIX) products, your face can look just a little bit less tired and a little bit more “I woke up like this, honest!”

Screenshot 2018-03-21 18.37.00

The first step is a do-everything base. A lot of people like BB creams, and I’m one of them (Rimmel 9-in-one is my all time fave!)- however if you have skin that’s on the drier side then a tinted moisturiser with plenty of hyaluronic acid will do nicely. It’s simply a case of rubbing it in with your fingers like you would a moisturiser. This will NOT fully cover blemishes, dark circles, rosacea and freckles. It simply blends everything in, so your skin looks dewy and natural, and the imperfections fade to a less obvious state in the background. If you feel you need extra coverage, add a concealer, but most days, I skip this step.

I have also had a go at making my own tinted moisturiser. There’ll be more on how that went later.

The next step is your brows. I use two brow products – one to fill them in, and one to define them. The pencil I use is a shade lighter than my natural brows, so they don’t look too severe. Natural is the key here, not power brows. My favourite pencil is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel. The fact that it has a brush on the lid is a Godsend. It, like the BB Cream, this has been a staple in my everyday makeup bag since the beginning. I dot it in the sparse areas and blend it out with the brush. Then I apply a darker gel with a spoolie. My current favourite is W7’s Majestic brow mascara, in brown, as it’s a beautiful cool tone and the applicator is so precise.

After the brows, I add a quick smudge of a chocolate coloured eyeshadow in my eye creases. I have so many of them, it’s hard to recall which is my favourite, but I do favour the stick variety on those days when I’m in a rush, as there’s no applicator needed. Just sweep, smudge and go. Hello Maybelline!

The last eye product is mascara. I’m slightly addicted to W7’s Absolute Lashes, as it gives them a little volume and definition, without looking like I’ve applied ten tonnes of mascaras. I’ve heard it’s a dupe for Benefit’s “They’re Real” but I’ve not tried this so can’t really comment.

Lastly, I apply a tint to my lips and cheeks. My favourites are the genie from BarryM, and a new contender, Maybelline’s Baby Balm and Blush. They both give a delicate tint to lips and cheeks without it looking like you’ve applied a product. The Genie is a stronger colour and lasts much longer on the lips, but the balm is more moisturising and great for a dewy look.

So there you have it. A nice, fixed up look that takes all of five minutes to apply and makes you look naturally flawless as opposed to a hot mess! (We’ve al been there – or is it just me?)

Do you have any tips for looking “Naturally” flawless in a short time?

Drop me a comment!




So, lets talk abut hormones. They can sometimes be quite useful, but when they get out of control, they can be vicious.

As a woman, I’ve always found it difficult to talk about my menstrual cycle, because at school we learned early on that they it was a taboo subject, that had to be talked about in secret, and never mentioned in front of boys. Thankfully, I was always able to talk about it with my mum, which was great, but as I moved into adulthood, it became increasingly uncomfortable to talk about with anyone. Since starting to blog, I’ve realised that women are using the internet to vent, and to talk about issues which are specific to them. So that is exactly what I’m going to do here, starting with my story.

About four years ago, I was struggling with my moods. I started to wonder what was wrong with me. I’d be fine one minute and the next I’d be angry, and then I’d be sad. But over time, the symptoms got worse. Anger became a burning rage – so much so that I’d be close to pulling a knife. I’d scream at my fiancé for the smallest of things and we’d keep having the same fights. When I got sad, I wasn’t just a little bit teary, I was in a state of deep depression. It could last an hour, it could last a week, but it was getting so bad that I struggled with my normal, everyday tasks.

When I went to the doctors the first time, they recommended St. Johns Wort. Needless to say, it didn’t work. At this stage I had an inkling it was my periods causing the meltdowns, but I couldn’t be sure. I then decided to take the doctors next suggestion – the pill. This seemed to work for a few months, but then I was back to feeling like I did before. Except this time, I was sure it was related to my cycle. The pill made my periods predictable, and therefore I knew exactly when I would start to feel terrible. Exactly one week before my period, the symptoms would start. And as soon as my period began, the symptoms ended and I was back to being me again.

On my most recent trip to the doctors at the end of last year, they ran some blood tests to check my hormone levels. There was nothing on my test results to suggest I had any underlying issues, but I was told about PMDD. Pre-Menstrual dysphoric disorder. It was a breakthrough. In short, it’s PMS, but amplified. It made so much sense! I finally knew that it wasn’t all in my head like I so often felt it was.

So I started 2018 with a much more positive outlook, as I’m now taking Fluoxetine for 10 days before my period. The first couple of days on my first cycle were rough going but this second month, I feel a thousand times better.

Now I’m not looking for sympathy. Not by any means. I just wanted to share with you my story, so you could see that if you suffer with your periods, you can get help. I’m not saying that medication is the answer for everyone, but PMS and PMDD are becoming so much more recognised now as genuine medical conditions than they used to. And if you’re not happy with the outcome, ask for a second opinion. I changed my GP to a female and it just so happens that she takes medication for her PMS too. I feel like it’s time we stopped blaming our hormones and started tackling them.

Here’s to feeling better.



I mentioned eSalon a while ago in my first “5 Things” Blog post; but felt as though they didn’t get the credit they deserved. I’m now on my third dye from them (time flies!); and I couldn’t be happier with everything so far. So I’m going to go a little more in depth with my eSalon experience and give you some insights if you are thinking of colouring your hair.

So I’ve always been a DIY hairdresser. My future Sister-in-Law is a professional hairdresser, and she used to hate me for it in my teen years when I was a little more… experimental. But since I’ve been playing around with my hair for over a decade, I’ve learned a few things. Unfortunately, some mistakes took longer to recover from than others and after a second run of becoming a “suicide blonde”, which resulted in half of my hair falling out and the other half going dry and brittle, as well as very coppery – despite the huge amount of ashy dyes I put on my hair – I decided enough was enough.

I made a brave move, and decided on a new years resolution to stop dyeing my hair. I then took steps to take much better care of it, including low-sulphate and sulphate free shampoos, silicone free conditioners; and henna treatments from Lush to keep the colour vibrant.

After two years, my hair started to feel fuller and thicker again. Not to mention glossy and lightweight, thanks to the lack of silicone build-up from those disgusting, greasy conditioners. The only problem was the colour! The bad bleach job was coming through on my ends, and my roots were quite dark in comparison. I had a ginger ombré thing going on which is not what I was aiming for. At. All. I looked at salon prices online for a quote to restore it to a nice natural colour, and the cost was somewhere in the regions of £80 – £90, because of the length of my hair (waist length). Sh*t! I thought. I’m not made of money! So I hit my old faithful in times of meed – google – with the hopes it would provide the answer. I searched for “Custom made hair colour online”, keen to get something a little more tailor-made to me, and not go back to those pesky packet-dyes. The first result was eSalon. I read some reviews and found out that although they are based in the USA, they ship to the UK and it’s free if you spend over £20 on products.

The process of signing up was fairly straightforward. I answered a handful of detailed questions about my hair colour, hair treatment history, hair type, and even my eye colour, and then wrote a fairly lengthy message about what I hoped to achieve from colouring my hair. I attached a photo of my terrible ombré hair and chose my desired colour. It cost around £30 for my first box, because I also purchased a sulphate free, strengthening shampoo, and a toolkit for dyeing which included a tinting bowl and brush, some clips and a timer. It took just under two weeks to arrive, and I signed up for the subscription service to dye my hair every eight weeks as I knew it wouldn’t damage it so much if I did it less often. You are also able to opt for a one-off colour, but it costs more for each product if you do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, when the package arrived I was excited and nervous. I hadn’t put any colour on my hair for two years, and I had a bad experience back then. But I was sure it would be OK as these people who made this dye made it for me, and they were professionals, right? Right. I followed the easy-to-read instructions (that come with a handy sticker so you can put them up on a wall for hands free reading – a huge bonus BTW) which were customised to my specially made formula, and watched a bunch of handy how-to videos as I went along. The toolkit really came in handy at this point and I was glad I ordered it. The result was a beautifully natural brown shade that was exactly the same colour from root to tip. Finally!

After several washes, I noticed the colour was going slightly too warm, and as my roots started to come through, I realised just how light the shade was, so I asked if they could make the next batch of dye more ashy and darker. They complied and my current colour is so close to my natural colour that I struggle to see when the roots grow out.

The customer service is fantastic – I even asked for some advice about scalp care as I suffer from dandruff from time to time – they suggested coconut oil, which works really well to soothe without damaging the colour.

All in all, I would 100% recommend eSalon as it’s so much more affordable, and with a little practise, colouring your hair at home is a doddle. It’s so much better than using a drugstore dye as it’s made especially for you. I love how sleek and well thought out everything is, from the packaging, to the website, to the instructions. I also love how easy and affordable it all is, and I absolutely LOVE my colour.

I’m looking at trying a lighter shade and using lightlab – eSalon’s version of DIY Balayage – after my wedding in the spring, and hoping eSalon can do it without making me ginger again. Fingers crossed. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Have you ever used eSalon? What did you think? Will you try it now? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy 2018!

Hello lovely readers!


2018 is well underway and I’ve been absent from the bloggersphere for a few weeks in lieu of planning and preparing for my wedding in the spring. Eek!

So my New Year blog post is a little belated, but I have already been making some incredibly positive moves which will hopefully make 2018 an awesome year! (So awesome that I wont need to think about 2016 or 2017 too much). But what about my blog? I have some plans and ideas which will hopefully make this space far more active in the coming months, and I’m going to give you a few little insights onto my 2018 blog goals and plans right now.

Getting Personal:

I’m going to write more about what makes me happy. Personal blog posts are sometimes easier for me to write so I’ll be diving in deep and exploring my own personal happiness in a quest to get over the low times and inspire other people to choose happiness too.

My Wedding:

So my wedding is this year! I am super excited, and have at least two major wedding themed posts planned. I also intend to write a little about married life, and all the ups and downs that go along with it.


I am an avid crafter. After the wedding, I’m hoping to get back to crafting in a BIG way, and plan on writing about it and sharing with you some of my favourite DIYs and creative projects.


Another thing I’m going to get into a little more is photography. I have a wonderful camera thanks to my Fiancé, but don’t use it anywhere near as much as I should. Expect more flat lays, more colours and SO many more photos.

More Posts:

One of my problems with blogging is I have too many ideas, and I struggle to make time to get them written up. I’m going to spend a little more time each week writing about things that I love, and see where it takes me. I’m going to post about literally everything that moves me, excites me and inspires me, and hopefully it will move, excite and inspire my readers in turn.

Do you have any goals for 2018? What are your plans? Let me know in the comments below!

5 Things – The Face Edition

2017-11-12 14.37.08

Here’s another quick fire 5 things I have tried recently, but scaled down to a particular theme. My face. I will list them in order of use so it makes more sense. Here goes:

L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask – £7.99 – Boots

I bought the detox one with charcoal and let me tell you it’s a whole lot more pleasant that the peel off mask I reviewed a while ago. Oh Lord, does it get rid of oil! It leaves skin super soft and matte. It’s also slightly exfoliating which I love; and has that great “Can’t move my face” feeling when it dries, which to me makes me feel like it’s working. Some of the Lush masks I’ve used (which are also great, BTW) don’t dry in the recommended time, so you don’t get that feeling of everything being sucked out of your pores. I usually have to leave the “rosy cheeks” mask on for about 20-30 minutes, and when you lack the time for a nice long pamper session, it’s not ideal. This one takes about 10 minutes to dry (dependent on how thick you slap it on), so is great when you’re short of time but still want to feel polished. Another thing that I love is the packaging. It feels very “designer” in a sleek, heavy glass jar and an ergonomic plastic lid. Chances are I’ll keep the pot and fill it with a DIY beauty treatment of some kind when I’m done with it, which could take a while as you get a fair amount of product for the price. They also offer other masks in the range, but as of yet I haven’t tried them. You can bet they’ll be falling into my shopping basket the next time I’m in boots though.

2017-11-24 21.05.31

Soap and Glory – The Fab Pore 3-in-1 Oil Control Serum – £12 – Boots

Normally, I hear the word serum and think “eugh”. I have horrendously oily skin, and I have only ever used serums a handful of times as to me, they are just not necessary. In the past – even when used sparingly – they have left me a greasy mess. Just an oil free moisturiser suited me fine – until someone on a wedding forum recommended this! “Oil control” You say? Challenge accepted! It said it can be used 3 ways. I decided to use over my moisturiser, before my primer (despite it saying it can be used as a primer), just like a regular serum. It worked a treat and my makeup now holds for about 14 hours! For me, it used to slide off around the seven hour mark so this has doubled my time. It is quite a hard workig product so use sparingly. If you use too much (as I did the first time) it can leave peely, powdery patches on your skin. I also only use where I’m oily – apples of my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead – because it can have quite a severe drying effect on the less oily areas and again appear patchy, powdery and flaky, giving you the appearance of a bad sunburn. It’s quite a quick drying product that sucks all the oil right off your face, so you need to work quickly with it but I give this serum an enormous round of applause for doing what others couldn’t. If you have oily skin, try it. Seriously. You. Will. Not. Regret. It.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – £32.50 – Boots

I finally plucked up the courage to invest in a “Big Girl” Foundation. Boy am I glad I did. I was skeptical at first, because I never normally spend more than £20 on a single beauty product. I’ve always been told, though, that you get what you pay for. I decided after payday to bite the bullet. Best. Decision. Ever. I got matched at an Estee Lauder counter, and asked about the best way to apply it and what other products suited it (it’s silicone based, so it works best with other silicone based primers, and is best applied with a damp beauty blender / sponge in a patting / dabbing motion to give that demi-matte glow people always seem to have on instagram; and it sets best with an ultra fine loose powder, also using a beauty blender to bake – in case you were wondering). I use this foundation whenever I have the time to do a full face. It’s stunning and lasts really well. The only downside is that the pump you see pictured costs and extra £5. But I’ve heard there’s a free mac one that fits it. Don’t quote me on that, I’ve never used a mac product in my life.

2017-12-02 12.26.59

Shadow Shields – £7.69 for 100 – eBay

My pinterest is filled with beautiful makeup looks. Some of them are so sharp I always thought the makeup artists had a very steady hand. How naive of me? No, they were using shadow shields. And Damn these babies are incredible. I watched this YouTube video to get me started, and then bought a load of them. They were easy to use and on my first use the results were flawless. Winged eyeliner is now a doddle. It doesn’t destroy your base underneath. Fallout is history. Sharp lines – en pointe. I have had so many compliments on my makeup since using these things. Totally worth it! And a thrifty tip? Cut them in half!!! You don’t need to use a whole one on each eye.

2017-11-13 21.12.40

Make Up Academy Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer – £3 each – Superdrug.

The holy grail in affordable matte liquid lipsticks. I have a serious obsession with these. I can’t buy anything from superdrug without picking up another one. At £3 each, who can blame me? The colours in the range are ever expanding. They have natural nudes, bright reds and pinks, unusual blues, dark vampy hues and pretty pastels so far. These are so creamy, really high pigment for the money, and unlike some other cheap liquid lipsticks, don’t go cakey. And the best part? They last. All day*. They smell great, and I love the frosted glass tubes – they really add to the luxe feel. I think I have about half of their current range (in the above photo I’m wearing the shade “elegance“), but you can bet I’ll be picking up some more. The ultimate cheap thrill, and a great way to try a new colour you’re not sure about without investing a ton of money. Hello blue lipstick! Where have you been all my life?

*When applied well and doesn’t come into contact with any oils.

So there you have it. Let me know what you all think!

Fallen Kingdom Trailer

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the hype for the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer has been everywhere this week. Being a UK resident, I had to wait an extra day, but it was literally the first thing I did this morning. It will probably become one of my most watched Videos between now and Christmas.

Please note, this post contains spoilers about the trailer. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.

So anyway, with the trailer, the hype and all of this new stuff being released, I have some feelings; and not enough space to share them on my twitter. Here are some of the things I’m most and least excited to see in the film, and a few speculations – which you can choose to go with or not:

1. They split Clawen up.

I mean seriously? I’m enraged about this one. I loved Clawen. I shipped Clawen. I even wrote a few Clawen fan fictions! (they’re really not that great but if you must, you can check them out here). I get that the movie wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t some good old fashioned tension between the two of them, but I just hope Claire and Owen get back together in the end (for good?) because those two were made for each other. I mean, seriously. I went in to Jurassic world expecting to fall in love with the dinosaurs (even more), and I fell in love with the people instead. In fact, I was a little underwhelmed by the dinosaurs in Jurassic World in comparison to the other three films, if I’m being brutally honest. It was the story, and the characters that made me love it so much – so obviously, I have some feelings on this issue.

2. New Dinosaurs!!!!

Holy crap. I saw so many new species in the trailer and the teasers that I feel like my head may explode. Two of my absolute favourites are going to make appearances (Carnotaurus and Baryonyx); along with some other dinos we’ve either not seen enough of, or not seen ever in the Jurassic Park franchise. This little nugget has me seriously hyped for the film.

3. REXY!!!

I am ridiculously excited to see Rexy again – especially considering they definitely did not give her enough screen time in Jurassic World. She’s a veteran and deserves some respect. If they show so much of her in the trailer alone, I can only hope there’ll be a lot more of her in the movie itself. Speculation…

4. BLUE!!!

She’s alive. She and Owen reunite. It looks like a moment that will give you major feels. She jumps away from Owen just as he gets close enough to touch her, but I honestly don’t think that’s because she is afraid, un-trusting, or that she forgot who he was. I speculate it’s because she’s startled by something else – perhaps an erupting volcano? Probably the most likely, given the circumstances. Still, she doesn’t try to bite his arm off like Delta did to Hoskins…

5. Dr. Ian Freaking Malcolm!!!

I may have gone overboard with the exclamation marks but damn, these three returning “characters” make it hard to contain my excitement. I am glad they didn’t throw him back in with the dinos. He is far more suited to just be advising. The only trouble is, I’m pretty sure he’ll be against Claire and the Dinosaur protection group. He doesn’t want them left alive after what happened to him – twice. A few quotes to back that point up:

“Dinosaurs had their shot, and nature selected them for extinction.”

“That’s how it always starts… Oooh, aahhh. Later there’s running, and screaming.”

“These creatures were here before us, and if we’re not careful, they’re gonna be here after.” (from the trailer)

6. Visually – it’s stunning.

Darker, eerier and more scary, but damn, it looks just as thrilling as the first reboot of the Jurassic Park franchise. Jurassic World was so exciting because we got to see just how Hammond’s dream would have turned out – and then it quickly turned into a nightmare. The visuals were all about technology and the way humans try to control nature. This is a rescue mission, with a nod to the Lost World, but instead of people being rescued from dinosaurs, it’s dinosaurs being rescued by people. Nature really has reclaimed the island, and the establishing shots of the monorail and main street really bring that home. Especially when we see an Brachiosaurus merrily ambling across the road. The aesthetics look so incredible and I am so eager to see more.

Edit: I realise I made a terrible mistake calling a Brachiosaurus an Apatosaur. I have changed this now due to my own OCD. Apologies to all the fellow dinosaur nerds out there. Shame on me.

7. Animatronics.

Jurassic World was also a little underwhelming to me because of the lack of animatronics. Yes, there were some, but Rexy was not one of them and it didn’t look right. This time, it looks like they’ve gone all out, There’s a T-Rex in the back of a lorry, as well as quite a few others. It gives a nod to the first film, which did a lot of work with animatronics; and I think they look just that little bit more “real”. The CGI dinosaurs of Jurassic World made everything look a bit like a video game, but when you use the puppets, there’s something physical there, and it shows. There’s also the fact that it feels more real for the actors when there’s something physical to act with rather than green screens, and people with Velociraptor heads glued on to a bicycle helmet…

“It looks like a real dinosaur, I couldn’t help but freak out the entire time.” – Bryce Dallas Howard on Animatronics in Fallen Kingdom.

8. Costumes.

Now, While Own Grady’s outfit is much the same, Claire has had an extreme makeover. She’s tougher looking, and there’s not even the slightest hint of a high heel so far. She’s a badass, and I love her character transition. Also, Daniella Pineda’s geeky little ensemble is adorable!

9. The nods to the other films.

There are so many! But the first scene we see in the trailer at the bar is a real nod to the most under-appreciated film in the franchise – Jurassic Park 3. There’s the destroyed theme park from Jurassic World. The big, bulky vehicles travelling in convoy, which is a nod to the Lost World. Ian Malcolm’s speech, which is so close to his original from Jurassic Park. Rexy saving Owen from the Carnotaurus, like she did with the raptors in the first film. The underwater scene – another nod to JP3. Baby Blue, reminding me of the scene with the baby raptor and Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park. The way Blue jumps onto the car looks so similar to the Raptor scene in the Lost World. When the team gaze in wonder at the apatosaur – this was the first dinosaur we saw in Jurassic Park and the expressions were not too dissimilar. I can’t even list all the little Easter eggs but it’s great that they’ve shoehorned them all in.

It’s too early to speculate much more, but as the trailers roll out between now an June, the excitement is sure to rise. In the words of Owen Grady:

“This is gonna be awesome.”

How to make the perfect Hot Chocolate

2017-10-21 15.37.15.jpg

Storm Brian has hit the UK today, with crazily fast winds, heavy rain and general unpleasantness all round. So I’m sat here in semi-hibernation mode, next to my log burner, wrapped in a blanket, eating a big bowl of porridge, and cradling my all time favourite winter treat – hot chocolate. Now I’m not talking your standard, run-of-the-mill instant hot chocolate, oh no. This is something quite different, and altogether more indulgent. I’ve decided to share my “recipe” with you today as it really is too good not to share (the recipe, not my hot chocolate. You can make your own!).

You will need:

  • A microwave-proof measuring jug

  • Your favourite mu

  • A whisk

  • A small bowl

  • Some semi skimmed milk

  • Some double cream

  • A handful of your favourite chocolate, broken into pieces

  • A flavoured syrup (optional)

  • Mini marshmallows (optional)

  • Cocoa Powder to dust (optional)


  • Fill your favourite mug ¾ full of milk.

  • Pour that milk into the jug and microwave until hot (but don’t overdo it as it will form a skin and we don’t want that). Usually 2-3 minutes is ideal.

  • Whilst the milk is heating, whisk up enough cream to cover the top of your mug. Keep going until it’s whipped to the point of almost solid. If you want a sweeter cream, add a little bit of sugar or sweetener whilst whipping.

  • Once the milk is hot, add in your chocolate little by little and whisk until it’s melted in.

  • Some people prefer a really strong hot chocolate. Some like warm milk with a hint of cocoa. Whatever you choose, keep going until you’ve got the taste you want.

  • If you have a flavoured syrup, add a shot of it now and whisk a little more. I quite like to add a shot of Irish Cream as Christmas time.

  • Pour back into your mug once the chocolate has melted and you have the right flavour.

  • Add the dollop(s) of whipped cream.

  • Garnish with a handful of mini marshmallows and a dusting of cocoa powder should you so desire.

  • Sit back and enjoy.

Do let me know if you try making this, and also what variants you used, or if you changed the recipe in any way. I love to hear your comments and feedback, so drop me a comment as usual.

Five things…

OK, so of late I haven’t posted much, because I haven’t had the time to write one of my usual rambly blog posts. I’ve been focusing on wedding planning, house moving and my fitness. So I’ve decided to start writing quick-fire posts which contain five things I have done recently that I would recommend. So without further ado:

1. Feet Moisture Mask

Slather your favourite moisturiser all over your feet before you go to bed and throw your socks on over the top. It will feel slimy, but you’ll wake up with gorgeously soft feet.

2. Mofajang Hair Colour Pomade

This stuff is AMAZING! It’s a coloured hair gel that you simply rub into your hair. It comes in 7 colours which you can mix together if you want to. I bought red and white to make… you guessed it, pink! Pros: bright colours, works on dark hair, zero commitment, washes out really easily. Cons: takes a while to dry before you can brush it through, hair goes a bit straw-like, colour gets EVERYWHERE!

3. Chia and honey porridge

I’ve been eating so much porridge lately and every morning I come up with something new. Try this one: steel cut oats, semi skimmed milk, a sprinkling of chia seeds and a squeeze of honey. Heat as you normally would (some prefer hob, some like the microwave, and I’ve even heard of slow cooker oats). A delicious slow release morning booster that’s incredibly healthy. P.s. it’s even more deliciously healthy when topped with fruit.

4. HIIT class

High Intensity Interval Training. It will hurt. You may cry. You might even throw up (I nearly did). But the buzz you get afterwards is incredible. And the results speak for themselves. Maximum impact in minimum time. I think the average calorie burn is about 1000 in 30 minutes*. Totally worth it.

* Disclaimer: this is an average number. Based on your BMI and fitness level, you could burn more or less than this. Also, might be worth speaking to a doctor if you’ve got any health problems that make exercise difficult -this one’s not for the feint hearted!

5. eSalon

I tried it out of curiosity, and actually panicked a little about dying my hair after two and a half years of going dye free. I received my customised hair colour, followed the tailor made instructions and I LOVE the results. I had some weird redness where my old ombre was starting to show through and I wanted to cover it up. I asked around for some pricing and got quoted £90! Hell to the no. But spending a fiver on a packet dye that always goes too dark and damages my hair, also no. I did a little research and found eSalon. I answered a bunch of questions about hair types and colours and treatments, uploaded a photo and told them how I wanted my hair to look and for £30 (I also got some sulphate free shampoo, and a colouring toolkit) they sent me everything I needed. It took about 2 weeks but I did fast track it, for £1.25. Absolutely recommend 100% 

Do let me know if you try any of these things and how they turned out for you. I love seeing your feedback!

Squad Goals

Today I write to you in quiet contemplation, after a heated discussion with my Fiancé about the benefits of an extensive social circle. So far, I don’t really have a circle of any kind. Just a few dots here and there. Less here. Mainly there. Let me explain.

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