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Hello lovely readers. As you can probably tell from my last post, I have had flu recently, which has left me with nothing better to do than scroll endlessly through insta, pinterest, facebook and the like. Pinterest is, and probably always will be, my ultimate favourite app as I’m the sort of person who literally tries EVERYTHING on there. I’ve been noticing, and then looking for, capsule wardrobe ideas while I was off sick. It occurred to me that this might actually be a good idea, as this month we have been redecorating and moving some rooms around; and in order to gain some space, my beloved dressing room has to go (*Sobs*). My Fiancé has kindly agreed to help me design & build a bespoke fitted wardrobe system for all my stuff, but I fear I have too much and it will not fit. The last time I counted, I had 54 pairs of shoes. 54! And I dread to think about how many T-Shirts I have. So my question is, do I need all of these clothes I have? Or should I slim down? And where the HELL do I start?

So first off, what is a capsule wardrobe?

From my research I can gather that it is a minimalist collection of key pieces, that all go with each other perfectly and can create a huge variety of outfits which cater to your every need; but can also be paired with seasonal trendy pieces to make up to date new outfits. You set yourself your colour palette and your essentials as a base for the rest of the wardrobe.

So that takes me to my next question, what is considered “minimalist”?

In some cases, I’ve read or seen women with as little as 10 key pieces, but then they don’t count things like shoes, bags, scarves or even coats. In other cases, women slim their entire wardrobe down to around the 40-50 items mark and include everything. This has led me to some serious confusion over what rules to follow.

So If I were to do this, which I most certainly have not decided upon yet, I think my approach would be this:

Follow a strict colour scheme and style.

I know my colours and my style pretty well. For work I dress in dark, smart clothes such as suits and shift dresses. For the weekend, I tend to be more rock-chick in the winter and more Boho in the summer. And for going out, I tend to rock the über glam & sparkly frocks with plenty of pink.

Don’t scrimp on the accessories.

My accessories are the items that make my outfits usually. Any Jeans & Tee combo can look totally different if you add a statement necklace as opposed to a fluffy scarf. I think If I limited my clothes, my accessories should be limitless.

Don’t count the “Job Specific” Items.

Everyone has some “Job Specific” Clothes in their wardrobe. I’m talking Gym stuff, Old Grubby Decorating clothes, Pyjamas, Wellies, Waterproofs, Thermals, a Work Uniform (not in my case, but some of you do). I’m pretty sure you can’t count these in the capsule, as they are for specific things, and not for wearing as part of your “normal” wardrobe.

Have several of each “Basic” or “Essential” item.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has looked at this idea and gone “But what if one item is in the wash?” I’m also pretty sure I can’t be the only one who has double (triple? quadruple?) of their favourite items in their wardrobe for this instance. I have an abundance of white chiffon shirts and black skinny trousers for work, because I wear these items almost every day. I also have a pretty huge collection of black skinny jeans… I read in a magazine once, a tip that has stuck with me for life. “If you love it, buy it twice” Which basically means you’ll always have a spare should one item be in the wash, or worse, if something were to happen to it… So I would absolutely have more than one of my favourite essentials.

Have a good ratio of casual / smart / formal items.

My job is a 9-5 Monday to Friday office job. So I’m pretty sure I’d need more smart work clothes than anything else. Then I need enough casual items to get me through weekends and the occasional holiday. Then I would need a sparse amount of going out clothes for the few hours each month I spend on date nights or out with friends. If everything has a good ratio then it’s easy to choose what to wear.

Slim down the shoes.

I love my shoes, but I’ve got to admit I really don’t need all of them. I have learned while we’ve been redecorating that there’s really only a few pairs that I go back to time and time again, and I can live without the others while they are in storage. And if I can live without them, do I really need them taking up space? There. I said it!

Regular Detoxes!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE detoxing my wardrobe. I donate anything I no longer wear. I alter or dye it if I think it can be rectified or salvaged, and it gives me an opportunity to dig through my beautiful collection of clothes. But I would need to be on top form with this so nothing gets hoarded. Which brings me to my next step:

Catalogue everything!

I downloaded an app called Stylicious, which is literally a phone version of Cher from Clueless’ virtual closet. And once I have it all on an app, I can seamlessly add new stuff or delete items when I remove them in a detox. It would take ages with my current wardrobe, and I tried it once (Failing miserably); but with a capsule, it should (could? would?) be easy.

Shop Savvy.

I LOVE Shopping. And I’ve gotten quite good at it over the years, but I do sometimes buy something, wear it once and then forget about it until years later and then wear it once, decide I hate it and throw it out. So If I do this, I’ll be needing to make sure I shop savvy. Try every item on before I buy it. Make sure it goes with everything – which will be easy as I’ll have my clothes catalogues in an app. A pair of silver jeans for £4 in a sale at Primark? Yeah, great, but WHERE on earth are you going to wear them?! Answer: Nowhere, they are designed for outer space – somewhere I never actually plan on going. Impulse buying could be a thing of the past.

So, after going through this post and re-reading my own words, I think I may have convinced myself. Possibly. Maybe. Indecision has always been one of my weak points as I’m usually afraid to embrace change with open arms; but I think this change might be good for me, especially since I’m running out of space, and time. It should save me time in the mornings, and also cut back my spending on clothes I’ll only wear once and throw out come the next detox.

What do you think? Have you ever created a capsule wardrobe? How did it go?

Comment me as usual.