Today, My Fiancé and I took Belle for a walk on the moors, with the intent of testing out my new DSLR which he bought me for my birthday. What we didn’t take into account was the weather. It was more than a little misty.


Eerie, Huh?

So we headed down to the coast, and let the dog run on the beach, where the weather was significantly brighter, and warmer.

You might even be able to spot Butlins in the distance.

After we let Belle enjoy herself, we headed for a spot of tea, before taking a drive back over the moors again to get home. The moors had brightened up a bit, so I stopped to take a last photo before we got back.


I know my photos aren’t exactly the best; but as it was my first time with a DSLR I’ve really just been playing around with it….

This is one courtesy of my Fiancé, on his iPhone 4.

If you have any tips for some great landscape photography, let me know by dropping a comment as usual.

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