So, I feel rather shocked. A blogger whom I follow – the lovely Kelly over at “This, Tatt and the Other” – wrote a blog post on Friday. Nothing unusual. Except it was about me! Now thankfully it was a lovely post, and the thing that sparked it was a simple tag on my Instagram.


I’ve always felt like people should get credit where it’s due, and you might notice a few tags on my Instagram from time to time. None of them are ads, none of them are endorsed. If I like something, I feel everyone deserves to know. Anyway, Kelly wrote about me because on a post a few weeks ago, she was writing about bikinis and despite my zero belly confidence, she inspired me to give the world the finger and wear one.


I’ve been hiding in swimsuits since my late teens when I saw holiday photos of my inherently wobbly belly in a bikini, which made me say “never again”. All through my twenties I’ve been wearing swimsuits. And her post made me realise that actually, who cares? I don’t care about what people think of the rest of my clothes, so why should my swimwear be any different?

So anyway, I’m not really here to write about bikinis, but to show how powerful things like a simple tag can be. You never know how far that tag will go. That’s the beauty of the internet. So my point here is, don’t let a good blog post go to waste. Tag bloggers and let them know they’ve inspired you. Tag brands and let them know you love their product. Tag people and let them know you love them. Just spread the love. I implore you. It really is worth it when you see the internet become such a positive thing, used for the good in the world instead of spreading hatred.

So, go forth and get tagging!