Hey everyone! I’ve been eating a lot of eggs recently. Three guesses why. But I’ve also realized that I’m becoming more like my granddad every day. His legacy certainly lives on; especially in my current taste in food. Salt and pepper on EVERYTHING! And also his special scrambled eggs which he taught me and my sister to make one weekend. I’m pretty sure it was the first thing I ever learned to cook. We’ve been making them ever since; and I can’t have my eggs any other way now. They just don’t taste right. So I’m gonna share the recipe with you, and trust me, you’ll thank me. Especially if you like a bit of a kick to your food.

You’ll need:

2018-09-10 12.17.47

  • 1 medium egg per person, plus one extra (so; 2 eggs for one person; 3 eggs for 2 people; 4 eggs for 3 people, etc.)

  • Milk (whatever colour lid you usually use. I’ve used green top and blue top and they both work equally well)

  • Butter or spread

  • Salt & Pepper

  • Curry Powder (Nothing special, just cheap, basic curry powder with a medium heat)

  • Your favourite bread (A good white farmhouse cut into thick slices is my favourite)


  1. Crack the eggs into a jug, add a splosh of milk and a knob of butter; and the salt, pepper and curry powder to taste. I like a good tablespoon of curry powder for my single portion size – but f you don’t like spice so much, use a bit less.2018-09-10 12.23.04

  2. Whisk vigorously until the egg is smooth and the butter is lumpy. It will look a bit gross and the curry powder will turn it a funny brown colour, but trust me on this, it tastes awesome.2018-09-10 12.23.31

  3. Pour into a pan on high heat and continue to whisk.

    • The pan is all down to preference. Typically I use non-stick as the eggs tend to burn otherwise. But I’ve used a frying pan, a saucepan, and even a wok. Don’t judge me, it was the only pan in the cupboard and I was hungry.

  1. While the eggs are cooking, toast & butter your bread the way you like it.

  2. Let the eggs cook to the consistency that you like. I enjoy proper rubbery eggs that are cooked until they are bouncy and fluffy and all goopyness has disappeared, but I know some people like their eggs a bit sloppier.

  3. Take the eggs off the heat, butter your toast and toss the eggs over the top. Add some more salt and pepper if required. In my case extra pepper is ALWAYS required.

  4. Enjoy!

2018-09-10 12.32.11-1

If you try this, do let me know. I would love to know what you think of my granddad’s recipe. It’s been a favourite of mine since I was a child and it’s super good for you thanks to eggs high protein content.

That’s all for now folks!