Well hello there. My Name is Tamsyn. If you’re reading this, then thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

A little bit about me. OK, well, I live in Devon with my Husband, My Daughter and my Jack Russell, Belle. I have always wanted to write a blog, and so after talking to my sister (who also has a blog – go check her out here) I finally plucked up the courage to do it. My blog posts come in stops and starts as I write for a hobby, so I can only do so when I have the time. Now I’m a mum, that’s even less time than I had before, despite not having a “job” anymore.

My blog is effectively a bunch of random musings about things I’m currently interested in. More than likely these topics will revolve around makeup & beauty, motherhood, fashion, health & wellbeing and food. I will also occasionally throw in a few personal posts too. I do review & recommend quite a few products; but as of yet, my blog contains no sponsored posts or affiliate links. If you click the links in my blog posts they will take you straight to a page where you can buy the product I’m recommending, from a retailer I trust. I currently make no money from anything I post, my writing is purely for a hobby. If I ever do join an affiliate programme or get sponsored or paid for writing a blog post; full disclosure will be provided on the post.

The name for my blog was inspired by my slightly split personality. I’m a badass at heart who loves rock music, horror films and goth-inspired makeup. But I’ve got a sweeter, softer side too; one that loves all things sparkly, pink and stereotypically feminine. depending what day you catch me on, will depend on what side you see. So be warned.

I live for feedback, so don’t be afraid to comment on my posts. You can also reach me on social media by clicking the icons below:

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