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5 Things – The Youtube Edition

I’ve been youtubing a lot lately. Particularly beauty vloggers, because there’s something so relaxing about watching people do their makeup. I also love haul videos and reviews, because I’m such a makeup junkie. I’m going to share with you my favourites because there are a few who I watch all the time.

1. NikkieTutorials


Of course, she makes the list. I LOVE her! And so too, do 11 Million subscribers. She’s got such a cheery personality and her reviews are so honest. She’s incredibly talented and I am so inspired by her with my own makeup looks. I also kind of love her accent. One of her recent videos  – the what’s in the bag challenge – has inspired me to do something similar, but with my husband choosing my makeup. I’ll let you know how I get on.

2. Nikkia Joy


Another beauty vlogger whom I love the accent of, Nikkia Joy is an Australian beauty Vlogger; and like me, she has hella oily skin. Her videos include high-end and drugstore products; and she talks a lot about skincare for oily skin, which has helped me to no end.

3. SophDoesNails


She doesn’t actually do nails. She did, but she’s moved onto makeup. I love watching her because she’s so chirpy and super honest. She also kind of reminds me of my cousin. Her skin type is also oily so it’s really helpful for me. She mainly uses  drugstore products, which is great because who has the money for high-end everything? She has also collaborated with my all time favourite makeup brand, Makeup Revolution.

4. Casey Holmes


Her channel is actually not just beauty, but I love the makeup content. I love watching her create a look, and she always looks amazing when she’s done. She uses quite a lot of high-end stuff, but it’s really useful to know if it’s worth it. She’s also inspired me to do the blindfolded makeup challenge thanks to this video. Keep your eyes peeled on here, as I’ll be blogging about how it went.

5. Stephanie Toms


She’s so relatable! The most down to earth beauty vlogger I watch regularly. She’s also a bit of a badass who doesn’t give a rats ass, and I totally dig that. She does a LOT of “Full face” videos using ridiculously cheap makeup. She’s done poundland, shop miss a and primark to name a few. It never ceases to amaze me how she can turn such cheap products which might not work for mere mortals, into some amazing looks.

So, there you have it. All the Youtubers I love. If you’re looking for some makeup inspiration, or just want to watch some incredible artists at work, I would recommend all of these women.


Spreading the Love.

So, I feel rather shocked. A blogger whom I follow – the lovely Kelly over at “This, Tatt and the Other” – wrote a blog post on Friday. Nothing unusual. Except it was about me! Now thankfully it was a lovely post, and the thing that sparked it was a simple tag on my Instagram.


I’ve always felt like people should get credit where it’s due, and you might notice a few tags on my Instagram from time to time. None of them are ads, none of them are endorsed. If I like something, I feel everyone deserves to know. Anyway, Kelly wrote about me because on a post a few weeks ago, she was writing about bikinis and despite my zero belly confidence, she inspired me to give the world the finger and wear one.


I’ve been hiding in swimsuits since my late teens when I saw holiday photos of my inherently wobbly belly in a bikini, which made me say “never again”. All through my twenties I’ve been wearing swimsuits. And her post made me realise that actually, who cares? I don’t care about what people think of the rest of my clothes, so why should my swimwear be any different?

So anyway, I’m not really here to write about bikinis, but to show how powerful things like a simple tag can be. You never know how far that tag will go. That’s the beauty of the internet. So my point here is, don’t let a good blog post go to waste. Tag bloggers and let them know they’ve inspired you. Tag brands and let them know you love their product. Tag people and let them know you love them. Just spread the love. I implore you. It really is worth it when you see the internet become such a positive thing, used for the good in the world instead of spreading hatred.

So, go forth and get tagging!

Inspiring Bloggers

Since I am now in full blogger mode, I have decided to write a post about some bloggers who have inspired me to create a blog of my own. So, without further ado, here’s a list of my favourite blogs and bloggers:

A Pair and a Spare by Geneva Vanderzeil.

– Since reading her book, DIY Fashionista, this woman has inspired me to style up my clothes in ways I never would have thought, and her tutorials for DIY fashion are simple, easy to follow and most of all, inspiring. I have since been following her blog and found more new DIY’s to try, some brilliant styling tips and a whole bunch of other cool things to read about too. Geneva, I salute you!

Lost in LaLa by Shenae Grimes Beech

– Most famous for her role as Annie Wilson in 90210 (I’m a HUGE fan of that show), Shenae recently started a blog that I found out about via her instagram. Her tone is so down to earth and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. She’s put up some pretty cool posts since her blog launched earlier this year, I especially love the face mask one!

The Golden Diamonds by Doina Ciobanu

– This woman is Jaw-Droppingly beautiful, and her style is something I admire greatly and have been following since I was 19. If just looking at her photos doesn’t inspire you to get creative with your outfits then I don’t know what will!

Who What Wear

– No Stylish woman should be without a subscription to or following of Who What Wear. Their style tips are great and the street style and runway photos certainly get me in the mood to go shopping. They also quite often create 30 day style challenges. I will be taking part in the next one so keep an eye on my instagram.

And last, but by no means least, Stepping into Adulthood by My Sister.

– I’m not just being biased here, she’s brilliant. And she was my inspiration to start my own blog. I rather like the post about the rain, and if you happen to read it, I never really grew out ofmy “hippy” phase, it just turned into Boho instead.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Anybody to recommend? Leave a comment or drop me a line 🙂

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